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About Us

Founded in 2020, A Better Mistake is a high-end fashion brand of apparel and accessories based in Milan, with the aim of challenging clichés in the fashion world and standing up to stereotypes, by presenting gender-fluid garments made in Italy, produced in the most sustainable way.

Making use of an international team (from Spain to Switzerland and the Netherlands), ABM selects its materials and produces them entirely in Italy, supporting a production system that has always offered the utmost excellence. The richness of the fabrics used is combined with an extremely limited quantity of garments produced for each item. The luxury brand also follows a multidisciplinary approach that enhances every aspect of creativity, in particular through co-creation with external artists: this process is an example of the visionary power that a collective can achieve.

The vision of the brand is guided by irreverence and provocation, with a mostly digital narrative that involves viewers in an engaging and interactive way. A Better Mistake believes that beauty comes from destruction, which is why the symbol is broken glass. The latter indicates an object that has apparently lost its value, but which hides a charm and a creative meaning: From Destruction Comes Beauty.

Creative disobedience is the essence of the brand itself, and encouragement to build your own identity without adhering to what society expects you to be. It’s all about breaking boundaries and being curious; asking why things are the way they are.


 A Better Mistake for A Better Future 

Commitment to sustainability is of the utmost importance for all of us at A Better Mistake. We recognize that there are ways that can help to reduce our carbon footprint and we are actively on a mission to be better; within our supply chains and communities. Our main method is to source ethically produced materials from certified suppliers that have a shared vision, aligning with ours. With 90% of our fabrics and products being made in Northern Italy, we are able to tighten our circle of travel, since our studio is in Milan.

The number of transport distances has been reduced as we club together with other companies for shared deliveries and we use recycled cardboard boxes for stock. With regards to packaging, we opt for no tags, no plastic rings, no paper sheets, and a reduced amount of hangers. Since we are a small company, we aim to be as resourceful as possible and these actions extend from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

We recognize that our dedication to becoming more sustainable is a long journey that will take effort at every level. Beyond working with certified companies, we are educating ourselves with Science and Technology on how to be the most effective. We have implemented initiatives that cross-sourcing, testing, development, packaging, and deliveries. We are energized and passionate about improving the Industry-norms, for A Better Future.

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